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DJ Robie
DJ Robie

Today, London based Music Artist / DJ & Producer, Poland born,Robie Adriano exciting new talents who with passion and dedication has spent the last decade Selecting, Mixing, Creating House, Electro, Progressive & Minimal Techno Music, DJing and organizing Events in UK And Poland.started as a novice dj in the early 2005. Since then stubbornly worked on developing his musical skills. Shortly after that started DJing in small clubs and venues across London. leter that His name start to dj in bigger club in London such like ministry of Sound , Pacha london The Egg Brixton Jamm Club 512 and Many more His musical tastes are very diverse and include House, Trance, DNB, Breakbeet but but mostly Tech House.

Involved in his studio working on his own projects which are released recently still concentrated on organizing his own gigs and getting the wider audience.


Slim D
Slim D
         Slim D - Mix

As far back as I can remember music has been my passion whether it was being glued to the TV watching Top of the Pops or getting in trouble countless times for looking through my fathers prized vinyl collection, and from then on that was it, I didnt want toys or games I wanted vinyl, tapes, decks anything that I could create a mix on!

I started my DJ career at the age of thirteen and since then I have been mixing it up at what ever event comes my way, mostly on the London and Brighton club scene but also wine bars, private events, radio etc, I will never turn down an opportunity to play out!!!!!

Over the years I have played out under some of the best names in the business, such as Garage nation, Twice as Nice, We Love Garage and alot more. Mixing along side ledgends like EZ, Pied Piper, Martin Larner,Matt Jam Lemont, Lonyo, Norris da boss Windross, Mike ruff cut Lloyd and many more.

I grew up with the love of vinyl and I still love it, personally I think it takes a certain skill to mix it up and It gives much more better sound quality, dont get me wrong Im versatile so if needs must I'll be mixing it up on CDJs BUT..

Give me my Vinyl and Technics 1210s any day of the week!!!

Shane Blitz
Shane Blitz
          Shane Blitz - Mix

Well where should i start ... I've been a DJ for about 11 years now. I have always liked music from i was young. Listening to all types of music from Hip Hop, RnB, Jungle which i grew up on around my friends, Rare Grooves which i like to listen to.

I Began buying records late 1998, where i started to be involved more into the UK Garage scene, which at the time it was moving into a 2 step era. DJ EZ inspired me to DJ because he was different from everyone else in the scene at the time. He was the first UK Garage DJ that i know to implement his chopping during his sets. I have played on Various Pirate Radio station Such as Delight Fm, Flashback, Horra, Heat and Klimaxx.

I Currently Working in Mixing Records so if you have any tracks then come down to the shop and drop me your tracks.

Paul Morton
          Paul Morton - Mix

Early Influences :kenny Dope, little louie, evil eddie,Tom Baker,Sven Vath and Carl Cox...more recently Layo & Bushwacka, Pete Heller, Chemical Brothers and Monika Kruse to name a few...

Soon to be playing in Germany under Tek-Talkin.
I also have my own studio, making some of the finest deep house tracks that you will ever here and will her.


I got my first set of decks on my 15th birthday back in 98' and started buying garage vinyls. I can remember my first mix - the two tracks mixed together perfectly. They were 'hype funk' and a remix of 'the boy is mine' From that day on I KNEW that was what I wanted to do. It was my dream to be a professional DJ.

When I was 17 I started going clubbing and my taste in music completely changed. I would find myself not even dancing but just studying the DJs actions. When I got home I would always practise what I'd seen and perfect my mixing. My first big set came when I was 18 and I played at Trinity - Chunnel Club.

My first experience was amazing and it gave me the oppurtunity to play regular sets in London. I played Hard house, Trance and Old skool hardcore; and was honored to play alongside some big names such as Slipmatt, Ratpack, Nicky Blackmarket and Squirrel. As the year went on I learnt so much and my knowledge in music kept expanding.

It was then Breakbeat and Funky House were added to my sets. I played at a lot of boat partys with Breaks FM and Raindance started organising and holding my own boat partys and club nights.

I took part in various competitions where I have always been runner up, sometimes out of a hundred DJs. I've also have had radio experience on Nu-perception and Subliminal FM.

At the moment I'm playing most styles of House, techno and Electro and run my own club night called TEMPTED which is mainly in Surrey going small clubs and bars.

Over the last few months i've had some bigs set like the Gallery@ ministry, Electronic sessions boat partys and tainted @ The light box and have been booked for some big gigs in the near future.

DJ k.s.d
          DJ K.S. D Mix

Djing for over 8 years, graduating from years of clubbing from the UK to Ibiza it was only a matter of time until I picked up some record & mixed some beats. Initially mixing house on my 1210’s, I moved onto electro and then techno with a natural progression to CDJ’s. Recently I have started producing my own style of electronic music, watch this space for upcoming releases………

Mr Roach
Mr Roach
          Mr Roach Mix

Mr Roach started djing in 1991,in the days of Londons acid house/hardcore rave scene movement. His musical style weaves between deep, soulful, tribal and all things House, Mr Roach was among the first DJs to join DEJA-VU in 1995 and is responsible for countless productions and remix projects. He is guaranteed to deliver his unique style and selection that always rocks the dance floors.

Mr Roach has performed in many cities across England and Europe such as SPAIN(Valencia, Barcelona), AIYA NAPA , AMSTADAM, ROTTERDAM, PRAGE ,and in the London underground house scene in such clubs as: The Egg, Aquarium, SW1,Camden palace, Hanover Grand, Grays Inn, Cafe de Paris, Club Koo, Gas Club, da Bass, Astoria, Labrynth, Powerhouse, Warehouse, The island, Turn mills, Trafik, The End, Tabernacle Hidden (formerly Studio 33) and SeOne to name a few.

Sabelo Super
Sabelo Super
          Sabelo Super - Mix

Sabelo Vincent, known by his stage name Sabelo Super , started falling in love with music at the age of 16 where he used to collect cassette with an aim of recording music during the weekend. He was born in 1991 November 22, He grew up in South Africa area called Ezindophi- This area is located in Zululand where there is biggest mountain Mbomboshane Mountain.

Sabelo Super shared music with his school mates and friends through sharing recorded music with his friends and music lovers. Later 2006 He began to collect music in high school where he discovered that he is in love with Deep house. In 2007 He engaged in dance groups which enhanced passion for music. Sabelo was often known as Music Lover.

In 2008 he attended night clubs with an aim of listening to sets from guest artist, although he obtain Deep house as his favorite Genres it was not easy for him to be committed in music due to parent’s duties. He had to focus at school before he can go further with his music affair. In 2009 He started mixing and collecting mix tapes up until he creates drum beats. He met Dj Alright in 2012 where he obtained essential information about music production.. from there his production performance modified. Later 2012 He played in KCS Pebbles in Richards Bay, after dropping a set he was given name “Super” the roof party at KCs paved a way for him to play at Blue Lounge NRB with Dj Bongz and Dj Naid , During holidays he visited Durban KwaMashu where he dropped his set at Love boat, Havanna Music Café and Cocos Florida etc. His engagement in studio “Dream Home studio” played a huge role in producing tracks with Nooka Soul.

According to Sabelo's perspective, Music require hard work, perseverance and pure love without hard work he wouldn’t have opportunity to work with project-house Entertainment. Early 2015 his house melodies awarded him a chance to sign at Project-house from UK. Currently he is busy with his music that consist elements of Disco, Deep and Groove instrument. He is ready to drop his single (Yes We can) feat Kye. Project House entertainment played a huge role enhancing his participation in music and to keep his music on point, Joe Classuell, Boddhi Satva and Frankie Nuckles- Godfathers of house who inspired him day in day out. He is promoting a sense of Peace-Love and Unity through his sets

DJ Renzi
DJ Renzi
          DJ Renzi

It all started back in 94-95 when I was at school. The jungle scene was at its peak and I used to buy cassette tape packs of one nation, helter skelter and so on, that alone inspired me to get on the decks and practice. By 98-99, House and garage was the new hype and when I heard it, at that point I knew I wanted to mix seriously and entertain.

By the year 2000, I was well on the way and I started playing UKG on pirate radio stations every week and eventually got bookings at big events such as GARAGE NATION alongside SO SOLID, GENIUS KRU, RAMSEY AND FEN and many more. Its now 2010 and I still take UKG bookings because I can’t neglect where I come from but I specialize in HOUSE AND FUNKY.

It's all about moving forward for me and my followers watch this space....... DJ RENZI!!!!!

Munchie MC
Munchie MC
          Munchie MC Mix

The charismatic Munchie mc is one of the original old school legends and a man of many talents MC, host, voice over artist, bit-part actor, catalogue model & music maker coming from a musical and sporting family. Munchie has performed for all the classic promoters and will be doing lots of stints for project-house this year! He has played at a host of venues through-out England and has done many gigs in other countries including: Wales, Scotland, Cyprus, Greece, Germany, Switzerland, Holland, Rotterdam and France. Also, a voice-over artist doing jingles & adverts that have gone on commercial radio stations such as kiss and choice.

The Munchie mc has loads of both radio and club experience and held down a very popular radio show for 5 years with old school giant Mike(ruff-cut) Lloyd. Also making various records over the years (look out for the new shit!) and teaming up with Scott' London thing' Garcia, Ray Hurley, luck n Neat, J. Sylvester, Pure Silk, Dj Roach and Boombeat to name some. Munchie mc has a large collection of over 2k records.

A talented back-ground actor too, having appeared in; grange hill, dream team, a Nike advert to name but a few. An avid footie fan, Munchie mc is a gunner supporting Arsenal. Wooda wicked! Not forgetting winning 'the song for london' competition with don-zee and k.c lee on Krunch records, with all proceeds going to charity. Munchie mc is also a member of knights of the old school.

Peace, Love n' Unity; bless.....